Continuing 教育

的 阿拉莫大学 Continuing 教育 (CE) Division offers Accelerated Industry Skills Training for Job & 教育al Advancement.

Continuing 教育 offers customized and emerging occupational training, Occupational Skills Awards, and articulations that path into Academic Credit Hours for certificates and degrees, known as CE-2-Credit.

业务 and 行业解决方案 team offers customized training solutions for organizations across the 阿拉莫大学 区 service area.

We encourage everyone to benefit from our training regardless of their college education or work experience. Enrollment is easy and hassle-free; there are no placement exams or TSI tests required to begin workforce training.


Customized Training:

业务 & 行业解决方案


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业务 & 创业 

健康 & 生物科学 

制造业 & 物流



科学 & 技术





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